How to Do Guest Blogging for SEO Purposes


Search engine optimization is not as confusing as it may seem.  Making your website enhanced for the search engine can be done via guest posting.  Google is known as the most efficient and effective search engine and has the ability to garner your website the best traffic.  However, Google is also very smart.  When people overstuff SEO content, Google knows.  That is why they developed certain tools for algorithms:  Google Panda and Google Penguin.

Effective Guest Blogging

Link building is crucial and can be very effectively accomplished via SEO guest posting.  This is the best way to build those backlinks without penalizing the website, and has been a proven way for community building, getting visibility, learning from each other, and increasing traffic.  If you are committed to posting quality posts while using search engine optimization, then it can work for you.  Be sure your posts are absolutely unique and original and contain valuable content for the readers.  Doing these actions will gain you respect by the readers in your niche, as well as the blog developer.

Find Quality Sites to Post On

This may be a secret to Google, and Google can be hard to figure out, that’s for sure.  However, there are characteristics to look for to find high-quality sites.  First, look for sites in your niche; whatever your niche is and whatever your blog or business site is about.

For starters, you want to guest post on a site that is full of information, rather than full of monetization.  Choose sites that have content that you can really learn from rather than content that has an obvious appearance of being stuffed with keywords. In addition to this, look at the navigation and the appearance of the website.  A quality website is very obvious in terms of navigation links and totally intuitive; it is very simple to see how to navigate through it.

Another factor of a high-quality site is its transparency.  Nothing is hidden; it is simple to locate who has developed it, what is it about, and who to contact if questions arise.  Also, a high-quality site focuses on the user and the information within the site, not what can be gained in terms of monetization, links, and SEO.

Use Valuable Links

When you guest post, be sure to include quality references and resources to link to.  This will give the readers more options on learning about a particular topic.  Find a few that are worth the readers’ time to go to; if you add too many then it will be overfilled and look “spammy.”  However, when linking your website be sure to do it “naturally” and allow for this to flow within the content.  Some people link their blog to their biography under their guest blog post because it naturally fits.

Increasing your viewers and readers using guest blogging will greatly help your SEO by way of growth within social media.  If you have quality content with reliable sources and links, then your business will expand online.  Start slowly and find a few reliable and worthy sites to post on, and you will feel more confident about guest posting in no time!