The Best Practices for Guest Posting For 2015


Guest posting is being practiced for several years now and although it was deemed to be ‘dead’ not very long ago, it is very much alive and kicking.

However the biggest problem that is being faced by the hosts is the fact that the guest writers do not always follow the right posting etiquette. Unfortunately, the hosts do not always provide specific guidelines for the guests to follow either.

To rectify this issue it is very important for the guest poster to know exactly what needs to be done. The problem that a lot of the writers face is the fact that the a lot of times the guidelines are not very clear since a lot of hosts develop their own set of guidelines that need to be followed.

Several writers aren’t aware of the best practices that needs to be carried out in order maximize the output and minimize the confusion between the host and the guest. Given below is a list of the best practices that needs to be followed by the guest.

  • Write a well worded post for the host. Do a thorough check of the post and edit it wherever necessary to make it as well worded as you possibly can.
  • Provide your own images wherever needed and make sure that the images which are included are attributed properly to its original source.
  • Submit the format. Each host prefers a particular code and hence the post needs to be submitted in that code. The most preferred code seems to be html.
  • Wherever possible include some good external links such that they remain relevant to the topic on which the post has been centered. This will also help in increasing the rank of the host page.
  • Try and include at least one (more is recommended) internal link which links to one of the posts that has been published previously by the host.
  • Put in a short bio which the host can include towards the post’s end.
  • Try to avoid linking to the host’s blog or website since backlinks are usually allowed to be put in, in the guest’s bio.
  • You can use the social media to promote the post that you have written. You can also do this on blog and everywhere else where it may be applicable.
  • Try to remain available on the publication day and also the days that follow in order to respond to the comments that have been posted by the visitors.
  • Do subscribe to get the comment notifications which will help you to reply to all the comments that were left behind for the host to answer.

So there you have it, the guidelines that will make you a great guest for posting. Even with all that help, guest posting can mean a lot of time spending. Check if you can afford one of the guest posting services on the job. These writing services will ensure quality of postings and bring exposure for your website in the long run!