Move Beyond Rumors, Guest Posting Is Still Effective


Last year, there was enough hoopla about how guest posting is a thing  of the past, which had marketers and online experts going into splits. Despite that has been said, there are experts who have continued the practice and has helped brands and online sites in bettering their blog readership in many ways, apart from improving other elements like rankings.

Guest posting is big!

One thing that needs the most attention for any brand or online business that is keen on taking benefits of guest blogging is the perception of the concept. When done with the right ideas, guest blogging allows website owners and online businesses to connect with new readers, find new avenues and start endorsement for the brand in a strong way. Given that reputation management is the new dimension for online marketers, SEO guest post ideas work well in making a brand over time.

How to make guest posting effective?

As mentioned earlier, more than massive guest posting, it is effective guest posting that will be more beneficial in the days to come. For 2015, marketers will have to look beyond the obvious. Here are some quick tips for the coming year with regards to making SEO guest post work on many levels.

  • Focus on effectiveness

Today, more than traffic or creating links, guest posting should work for many other levels, including credibility, genuine backlink creation, social shades, and an increase in subscribers. Marketers will have to track the metrics of the posts made, learn from the data and make the necessary changes because simply writing content is no more a solution.

  • Giving dues to research

Let’s face it, we all write things from different sources, and if you are keen on your guest posts to work, giving dues to the resources and articles that have been used for the post and its research. This only ensures that the writer is transparent and has done his research before penning down the thoughts.

  • The approach to guest blogs

As a guest posting service, the main art of a writer and blog lies in the approach. The need for relevant, authoritative, and popular websites is must, and there is also a need to see that websites have similar audiences, so that the back linking aspect can be effective.

  • Quality will rule

No matter what guest posting experts have to say, quality will always be the essence of online content, given that spammy content and websites are all around. Your guests posts should not be marketing in nature, but must be value oriented to win customers at the first place.

With a few steps, guest posting for 2015 will be as effective in 2014 as it was some time back. Unless this would have been the truth, many websites wouldn’t be accepting guests posts, including some of the big names. With planning and essential ideas on making posts effective and more audience oriented, SEO efforts can jump further with guests post and blogs.