Guest Posts: Taking it to the Next Level


Guest posting still remains as one of the most essential strategies to successfully market content.  However, in order to execute the high-quality link building which is in guest posting, there are actions you can take.  These tips will help you maximize your time and increase the quantity of views, thus promoting yourself and your site.

Find Guest Posting Opportunities

First off, you must gather a mix of sites that accept guest posting, and to start it is easier to find sites that accept them easily.  Once you begin guest posting on these sites, you will become more experienced and will feel more confident about working your way into more exclusive sites.  This can be done by searching for sites that allow guest posts and familiarizing yourself with the many sites that are in your niche.

Organize Yourself

Staying organized is one key to being a successful guest poster.  Many writers do this by creating an extensive list of details about each site, such as the guidelines of guest posting, the followers via Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites.  Also, adding the page ranking and other information that will assist you in being familiar with each site will give you the edge of knowledge you need for successful guest posting.

Use Google to Search

Google can be tricky at times, and navigating around the ins and outs of Google and its analytics can be even more so.  This is where search strings come into play.  Adding specific keywords with small phrases can help you find perfect opportunities to guest post within your chosen niche.  You can add a plus sign in between your search terms, such as keyword + guest postingor use phrases in a Google search such as guest post guidelines.  Another action you can take to look for blogs to post to is using a blog search directly on Google.  If you go to you will uncover more blogs you may be interested in posting on.

Narrow them Down

Once you have a good idea of blogs that you can guest post on, the next step is to narrow them down in terms of amount of traffic and the value of your SEO posts.  If you are going to spend the time posting amazing content on sites, you are going to want to do this on the most effective sites.  You can narrow these sites down by using social media, such as Twitter to search for high-traffic guest post sites.  You can also use other helpful social media tools to help.

In order to get your content out there, guest posting really does work.  Once you post for someone else, be sure to share the post on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, and Google Plus, and link to the post from your own blog.  Also, be sure to thank the person you are posting to and go back a few times to respond to any comments.  You will be surprised at how rapidly your name will “get out there” with effective guest posting!