Link Juice Juicy Juice

Link Building

When considering guest posting/guest blogging, there are many things to consider, especially what the benefits to you will be; link juice is definitely something which needs to be well thought-out, but…what is it, right? If you start thinking of “juice” along the lines of battery juice, or power, required to keep something going, you’ll be heading down the correct path.

In the world of SEO (search engine optimization), link juice refers, essentially, to the power charging a site through links, either from internal or external sources (from other pages within your own site, or from another site, referencing yours). Just as your vehicle won’t get going without battery charge, your site will have a hard time moving forward (or upward) without “juice.”

This charge of juicy juice basically registers as a recommendation for your site, helping to raise your page rank and your site’s search engine results.  Here, remember, we’re simply looking at the power that links from other sites bring to yours, and how you’re able to cross-reference your own site within itself. With some 644 million websites, you need to find, and develop, ways for people to find yours.

So, how to you get yourself some of this juice?

  • Guest posting (obviously)
  • Social media
  • Document sharing
  • Commenting on other blogs
  • Quality content (last, but not least!)

Now, since you’ve heard it said that Content is King! you know that writing something which causes your readers to share it with others is also a powerful way to acquire link juice. You’ve got to make yourself the authority on your subject, and convince people that you’re better at whatever it is that you do, to the point where they feel they have to share your information. Of course since we write quality posts which are hosted on reputable sites, we’ve already taken care of this for you.

How many links do I need?

Well, that depends. While maintaining the integrity of the sites from which you get links, many people resort to sharing their posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc., to start this process. But, as this often doesn’t help people spread the word far beyond friends and family, guest posting provides a much higher quality way to get eyes on (and build juice, or authority back to) your site.

Chances are, unfortunately, that your friends and family aren’t going to do business with you anyway. It’s often hard for them to get past the time you ran through the dining room naked on Thanksgiving (even though you were a toddler!) or missed a flip turn at the regional swim meet, thereby waving goodbye to your shot at a new state record.

Regardless, link juice is about your visibility on the web. When putting your site content together, know what you’re talking about. Become an expert in your field, or niche. Provide information people covet. You’ve got to give people reasons to visit, and recommend, your site.

The more people respect you, the more they’ll want to share what you say, and what you have to offer. Over time, and with some effort, this will increase your page rank. Keep this up, and there’s a good chance that people will start wanting to connect with you, as your link juice becomes your juicy juice.