Create Your Guest Posting Niche Within a Niche


To more fully understand the point of, or reason for, guest posting you must first understand the importance of posting within your niche. You have to (this is imperative!) connect with companies within your circle, within your specific niche, in order to gain authority on your subject matter and build up your search engine rank. At the same time, however, what would happen if you’d start thinking outside the box, and creating your own niche within another?

You already understand that you need your guest posting to fit into a quality market, which actually relates to you, your business, your project, your goals, etc. But, at the same time, you need to be careful not to back yourself into a corner – you never want to limit yourself, your business, or the message you’re working so hard to convey.

So, for example, you already know the health field is HUGE. But, as your retirement opportunity, you teach woodworking. What about guest posting to a health site (or niche)…Stress Reduction Through Woodworking? You’re keeping within your niche, while breaking out of it. But, you’re being creative about working through that process.

That said, you may not want your guest posting to be too vague as that will likely hurt, more than help, you. While trying to step out of the box, make it connect. It wouldn’t make sense to write about your concerns with the healthcare system, as that doesn’t relate in any way to what you do. As long as you can draw a valid connection, you should be good to go.

blankSo, meanwhile, keep posting within the arts, as part of camping activities, and with woodworking companies as well, and unless you’re going to draw a connection similar to the benefits of stress reduction that woodworking provides, hold off with any health-related blogs.

Again, let’s say you’re a Lactation Specialist. That’s a relatively small niche, but you could always draw it into a business (corporate) niche by educating businesses on things they ought to provide to nursing mothers. How to Nurse in Corporate America – good. You’re connecting the two and expanding your horizons in a way that makes sense to both niches. Stress Reduction in the Workplace – not so much. Unless you specifically (creatively and carefully) craft a connection, this doesn’t fall within your niche.

You’ve probably already connected with companies whose niche is maternity or newborn necessities, which is fantastic! Those fall perfectly within your niche; the next step is figuring out how to expand upon that.

As you see, guest posting within your niche is vital – and so is the creativity behind it! At a certain point, you may want to consider expanding the links directing traffic to your site. Sometimes the variety of people who validate what you’re saying can drastically increase your rankings.

So, do you venture out, or do you stay safe, in this world of SEO, backlinks, blogging, etc.? Realistically, you have options. You can put in the time and effort to learn the ropes. Or as we recommend, you can continue to focus on your strengths, leaving your guest posting to the experts at Quality Guest Post.