Learn the Art of Guest Blogging


Blogging is one of the best forms of promotion. Usually, people look for customer reviews before selecting any service and products. Guest bloggers are those, who write on your blog.

Usually, a guest blogger may be a newbie, maybe a very old player, or has huge number of followers. However, when you are thinking of inviting guest blog post service for your blog, you must follow certain agenda. Read the article to get a clear picture about inviting guest bloggers:

The initial stages

  • You can add them to your blog, so that they can publish their articles and monitor reviews and comments on their post. However, do not allow them to post  frequently
  • Add them to your blog but do not give them total access.  Always review before publishing
  • Ask the guest bloggers to send their post through email

It is advised not to give them total control and access for your blog. This is because a lot of guest bloggers will start promoting themselves, instead of concentrating on your blog content.

Approaching a Guest Blogger




You might think that approaching a blogger to guest blog might be easy. However, there are few tricks to it. Try to avoid bloggers, who are very popular because they might say no or may charge huge amount. When your blog is in the initial stage and you require promotion from other bloggers, choose someone, who is enthusiastic about blogging, who has a medium popularity and who is regular on her/his blog.

Regular doesn’t mean that he has to post regularly, check that the intervals taken for one blog post to another blog post is not too long and follows certain calendar dates. Then there are lot of bloggers, who will accept your presence on their blog site as well. Keep in mind, it is quality that matters.

Take a confirmation





Be prepared to take any answer, whether it is yes, maybe, or a straight no. Some may need some time to think about your proposal and then either go for it or reject it. Giving them time will allow them to research well and most probably consider your offer.

Some of the bloggers just cannot say no for an answer, which could be risky, as they might not have the required skill or knowledge to complete your task successfully. However, a few may act a little snobbish and throw attitude while taking up your works. No matter who you come across, make sure you hire the best for your project.

 Selecting a Blogger




Sometimes people may approach you, but don’t rush to choose someone randomly. Select according to your criteria. Check their blogs, ask them to submit a test article for a topic and then confirm them for guest blogging.

Avoid Random Requests and Follow




You may think that if you start following a lot of bloggers and start asking everyone about guest blogging, you will get at least few guest bloggers. It is a very wrong concept. Do you know bloggers have community? Soon you will lose out on your own brand value. Therefore, think twice before approaching.