Tips To Create Appropriate Guest Blogging Proposals


Blogging helps to build online authority in your niche. Major brands have gained a lot of marketing leverage from guest blogging. Even small businesses are able to reach out successfully to their targeting audiences though guest blogging.

Firstly, you need to create guest blogging proposals, and get them approved on high PR blogs that are related to business niche. It can be quite a challenging task. In this post, we shall see how to create a proposal, which can score your writing spots on top blogs.

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Tips to create exclusive guest blogging proposals

Select sites carefully

Intentionally select only the guest blogging sites. For this it is necessary to know your target audience. There are two reasons to understand the audience you desire to reach.

  1. For creating excellent content, it is necessary to provide some valuable information to your audience. This creativity is attained through experience, knowledge, humor, unique opinion, and more.
  2. You want to be sure that your content reaches the audience, which will keep you stay motivated for writing helpful articles and thus bring real ROI.

Selecting low-quality sites can damage your personal reputation. In addition, your own website can get devalued due to backlinks from these poor standard sites. Carry out groundwork thoroughly with different metrics like domain authority, page authority, citation flow, trust flow and more.

If you succeed in posting a quality content on just one top-notch site, then you can build a solid reputation. Attaining one guest post spot on established site means you have won a trophy. It shows that you are a reputed writer.

Send an email

Your pitch needs to be simple and clear. Send message via submission forms or email to the editors or site owners.

Subject-line needs to be professional

Unprofessional subject line will certainly get discarded or marked as spam. Only the one which is clear, simple, honest, and professional will be approved.

  • Guest submission – 10 Techniques to Improve Social Media Marketing

(This line clearly states the purpose)

  • Guest posting request. Article included

(The intention of the email is put forward and it also mentions the attachment of proposed article.

Professional “From” line

Just like subject line from line is also important.

Use recipients name

It is a common courtesy to address the name of an individual, whom you are sending the email to. ‘To whomsoever it may concern’ sounds impersonal and cold. Dear madam or sir is too much. Polite ‘Hi, John’ is just fine.

Introduce yourself

Stating who you are is not rude because the recipient is a stranger. Identify yourself in a single line.

For example: ‘My name is Isabelle, co-founder of Vistaprints’

You can even link yourself to a Twitter account or Linkedln profile. This helps to confirm your genuineness.

Why approve your pitch? – tell them

Tell them your accomplishments or about your live articles or your current project. You should make it sound influential but not deceptive.

Give your content

Guest blogging means you already have the content written. Give it to them. A reputable site will not steal your content. However, if you are pitching for multiple sites, then ensure that you send different piece of content to each one. The risks of getting several of them published simultaneously will make the site owners look foolish and they will ignore working with you in future.

Guest blogging is challenging but worthy!