Google’s May 2022 Core Update’s Affect on SEO Guest Post Services

Google’s May 2022 core update

The benefits of guest post services done with up-to-date search engine optimization in mind can fuel your business success. Although it remains one of the best options for ongoing organic traffic, changes in how Google ranks content can affect its efficacy.


Updates to Google’s search engine algorithm spark anxiety in the minds of anyone reliant on SEO content for their business or personal brand. The May 2022 core update aims to improve results for searchers across the board, just like any other update this major platform does. What does this mean for bloggers, digital marketers, and content creators?


Google’s Goal Has Not Changed 

A search engine’s primary goal involves serving high-quality and relevant sites to the people looking for information. That never changes. The 2022 core update and all those that have come before strive to make results more helpful to the people who need them. This will undoubtedly follow the past update’s focus on mobile access, convenience, and accessibility. By this time, all companies should have mobile-ready pages, however.


From a content creation, link building, and guest post services perspective, the search engine optimization process has not changed in any overt fashion. The goal of every post remains the same and aligns with Google’s overall goals: to create exceptional content, positioned with authority, and linked back to a relevant site people will benefit from.


Guest Post Services Still Deliver Quality Results 

Guest posting includes creating high-interest content targeted to a specific audience and position against on an authority site or influential page with backlinks to another. This digital marketing method has existed the beginning and continues to deliver results. While some things may shift based on algorithm changes, the main goals of quality and relevancy are unshakable.


Unfortunately, some content that ranked high in the past may get hit by this update and not deliver the traffic volume you want. Other blog posts may perform better than before. This makes ongoing yes post services, smart link building, and optimized content creation even more important if you want to stabilize and improve results.


It takes time to track the outcome of algorithm changes. More data comes out all the time that offers information about how SEO should shift to help pages retain or improve their search engine rankings. Expert digital marketing service providers keep track of these things and analyze results from past efforts in order to maximize the outcome of future ones.


From a volatility perspective, the May 2022 update seems extreme. However, this is not the time to change your marketing strategies completely or do an overhaul of content creation methods. Take a deep breath, continue to track data, and get help from professionals who have weathered the storm before and will continue to do so using the best and most up-to-date methods possible.


Quality Guest Post remains committed to the creation of the most effective, relevant, and engaging content on the Internet. Our link-building services deliver results even as Google’s core update shifts into gear. Contact us today to learn about how we can help your brand five online.